Below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions we receive.
Feel free to Contact us if you have further questions!


Where are you based?
We are based in the Continental U.S.

Which time zone?
All of our times are based on Central Time. This is important for any discounts and promotion end times. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?
We are strictly an eCommerce merchant.

Why are your prices not as expensive as the big box retailers?
Because we are an online merchant only, we do not have the expenses and overhead like those other guys. This means we can pass on the savings directly to you!

Where do you get your products?
We source our items from companies located around the world. We look for quality, reliability, and unique fashions. We always strive to maintain a good relationship with our suppliers. Most of these suppliers also provide items to other high-end boutiques and big-box retailers too!

Sometimes my clothes size differs. How will I know if what I order fits?
Sizing can vary from manufacturer. We include a sizing chart for each item. We strongly and highly encourage you to check the sizing chart PRIOR to ordering. Because we source from various companies, the sizing can be different. In particular, most items from the Asian Markets are smaller than U.S./European sizing. For example, if you typically wear a size Small in the U.S., it would be a size Medium from Asian markets. However, some manufacturers account for this and make the adjustment. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the Sizing Charts.

Can I order 2 different sizes in a Suit? I wear a different size in top and bottom.
Yes and no. Items in the Suits category are one standard size. However, some of our items are available separately in our Tops or Bottoms categories.

What makes you different from any other Online store?
We are focused on Quality, Dedication, and perhaps most important: Service. Our mission is to maintain a great relationship with all of our clientele. Too often with the other bigger online retailers, we get lost in the shuffle and become just a number.

Is my data secure?
We use the best data protection services available. This is similar to most other online merchants.

How long does it take to process my order?
Please allow up to 2 business days for order processing. Processing includes order and payment confirmation. Speed of Processing is a top priority for us.

How long will it take to receive my order?
It depends on shipping address and origin of manufacturer. Since we source from various manufacturers, it can take up to 20 days to receive the order.

Do you offer Next Day or 2-Day Shipping?
We currently do not offer this service at this time. 

Can I track my order?
Yes you can! Click Here for our Order Tracking Page.

What do I do if I need to modify or cancel my order?
Contact us a soon as possible. We can make changes anytime before the order is processed. 

Can I track my order?
Once we process your order, we will send an email with tracking information.

Why is my order placed on Hold? 
Any orders placed on Hold will mean we are attempting to contact you. We will communicate strictly through email. Most reasons for orders on hold will be:
1) Verification of shipping address
2) Verification of payment
3) Issues with specific items 

Why was my payment declined?
This can happen for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons would be:
1) Issue with billing address and shipping address
2) Typo in the card information
3) Not enough funds to cover charge